About the Artist


Her compositions are created in several color applications which are processed with different tools in an impulsive process
developed by herself.
The plasticity of the structures creates abstract color landscapes that fuse the process of creation with
the painting, inviting the viewer to search for traces – a search on
which to make discoveries every time and gain new sights
and insights.

The works are in a true sense multilayered; the raised color applica-
tions produce versatile shading, depending on the
incidence of light. „Light lives“, says the artist Elisabeth Krogull from the Masurian Lake landscape, „the palette knife adds
movement and structure to the canvas.“

Color Meets Movement
The flow of motion turns into painted light and lets colors always be illuminated again. „The pictures are changeing with the day –
just like us“, says Krogull. „A painting is like the birth of an inner land-
scape.“ Many of her colored images are cascades full of
luminous magic – enigmatic archetypes of power, life, joy, light. […]

The colors are in some areas thick and pasty, in others they appear transparent, even translucent. Many of Krogull’s paintings
are color intensive and bear witness to the imagination of a deep soul that can turn a sensual, seasonal nature contemplation into the abstract.
Krogull occasionaly paints muted and astonishes with how many shades of white there are and how many wonderful
nuances of grey, black, and brown. Sometimes the viewer believes
to recognize mystic landscapes or mysterious nudes
and figures – light shapes from another world.

The works of Elisabeth Krogull are hanging today on international art collectors‘ walls, in exquisite private properties, in boutique
hotels of the luxury class, and in companies, as an expression of appreciation for family, customers and employees, and
create a harmonious, communicative atmosphere that inspires. That is why Elisabeth Krogull likes to speak of „communicative art“.

Many of her works adorn conference and meeting rooms: The sight of paintings full of light, movement and structure can help
people to open up and to create a creative, positive climate – not only Elisabeth Krogull is convinced of this. Her works inspire –
whether they are only being enjoyed by oneself and one’s relatives in an exclusive setting or their effect being shared with others;
they appealing to the public and customers.

„The colors live in the light“, says Elisabeth Krogull and the inner light of her works radiates into the rooms and the people. Just as
light touches all living things, Krogull’s paintings touch the soul and release positive energies.